Connected Apps


LibreView users have the ability to share their diabetes care information with third-party applications such as insulin apps and EMR systems. You can review all of your connections and stop sharing with these applications from your LibreView Account.

Follow the steps below to manage your existing data sharing connections:

Step 1: Navigate to your LibreView Account Settings

Click the navigation symbol in the upper right corner to open the side menu and select “Account Settings”

Step 2: Review your existing Data Sharing Connections

In your Account Settings Menu, select “Connected Apps” to see all existing applications your glucose data is being shared with.

Step 3: Select a connection to manage your sharing settings

Click the ‘Manage’ button next to the connection you would like to review. A modal will appear, allowing you to review information about the app or third-party you are sharing your glucose data with.

Step 4: Stop Sharing

Click the red “Disconnect” link at the bottom of the modal. A new modal will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to stop sharing your diabetes care information with this connection. Click the ‘Disconnect’ button to confirm, or the ‘Cancel’ button to keep your existing connection settings.

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