Compatible Devices


Patient users of LibreView on Windows systems are able to connect to the following devices:

Abbott Diabetes Care:

  • FreeStyle Libre 3*

  • FreeStyle Libre 2*

  • FreeStyle Libre*

  • FreeStyle LibreLink*

  • FreeStyle InsuLinx

  • FreeStyle Lite

  • FreeStyle Freedom Lite

  • FreeStyle Papillon InsuLinx

  • FreeStyle Papillon Lite

  • FreeStyle Vision

  • FreeStyle Optium

  • FreeStyle Precision

  • FreeStyle Optium Neo

  • FreeStyle Precision Neo

  • Optium Xido Neo

Note: Some devices may not be available in your country / region.

*For users on Mac Operating Systems, only FreeStyle Libre and related devices may be uploaded.

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