View Glucose History


LibreView lets you create clear, easy-to-understand glucose reports and makes it easy to review and share the reports with a healthcare professional.

Step 1: Log in to LibreView

Go to and type in your username and password. Click the Login button to access your account.

Step 2: Navigate to My Glucose

Click on the My Glucose icon in the top navigation.

Step 3: Review glucose history

Your glucose history will be displayed in chronological order. By default, your glucose histories are displayed in 2-week periods.

The glucose history summaries include Average Glucose and number of Hypo events with an Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) graph for the 5-95% percentiles and Days of Data, or display a Time in Range graph and average tests per day for blood glucose meters. You can adjust the time frame by clicking on the time frame drop-down from the My Glucose section. The legend for the AGP graph will display when the graph is hovered over.

Note: If you have multiple devices uploaded, the data displayed in the Glucose History might be combined. Check the Data Sources within the report viewer to see the associated devices.

Step 4: View Full Reports

From the My Glucose section, click the Glucose Reports button to create custom reports you can print or save as PDFs.

Note: The patient version of LibreView currently only works with Abbott Diabetes Care devices.

Learn more: Compatible Devices

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