Troubleshooting: “I connected my meter but it won’t upload.”


If you followed the instructions to upload a compatible device, but you do not see any uploaded data in LibreView, please try the troubleshooting tips below:

Is the device securely connected?

Double check if the cable is securely connected to the device. First connect the cable is to the device, then connect the other end of the cable to the computer's USB port. You may need to try a different USB port as well.

Are you using the correct cable?

Be sure to use the cable that is specific for your device. Different devices require different types of cables. If you do not have the original cable, learn how to purchase a cable.

Is more than one device connected to the computer?

LibreView may not be able to connect if there are more than one glucose device connected to your computer.

Are you using a compatible device?

Check LibreView's Compatible Devices.

Is the battery charged?

Make sure the battery on your device is charged. If the battery is dead, the meter will not be able to upload data.

Are you using a computer that meets our minimum requirements and a compatible browser?

Check LibreView's Minimum System Requirements

If the above tips do not resolve your issue, please contact Customer Support

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