Set Report Preferences


In addition to making changes to your reports in Report Settings, you can also set default settings in the Report Preferences section.

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Click the three blue lines to open the Settings Menu.

Step 2: Select Report Preferences

Click the Report Preferences section,

Step 3: Set default targets and thresholds

Click on the Thresholds section and set your default Target Range and Glucose Threshold.

Note: The target range and thresholds on select reports are aligned with clinical standards and cannot be adjusted.

Step 4: Review Report Preferences by device type

You can set the default Report Preferences by device type. The Glucose Only section refers to all blood glucose monitor uploads and the corresponding report set. The sections specific to FreeStyle Insulinx and FreeStyle Libre are specific to those and related devices and the corresponding report set.

Step 5: Select active reports and report set order

Checking or unchecking the box next to the report name will select or deselect the report. Click the up or down arrows next to each report name to adjust the display order.

Step 6: Edit Timeframe and Other Settings

Some reports have special settings that affect only that specific report - Mealtime Pattern and Glucose Pattern Insights. Click on the Edit button next to the eport name to make special edits and save changes to those reports. To edit the default timeframe to display, click on the timeframe dropdown and select the default timeframe for each report. Make sure to click Save when done.

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